Ramona (biramona) wrote in dsafgrrl,

I guess I can leave this community now..

because my dad was killed this sunday.

I'm incredibly sad because we had finally had an "adult" relationship where he respected me and loved me and was not a psycho asshole and we had been able to get along for almost 2 years now. But I'm more sad because my sister had been fighting with him and going through the same bullshit that i had been through with him before and now she feels guilty that they had not been talking for three says.

I just told her that Dad was not going to remember her as she was for those past few days and she should not either. That is better that he's not tormented by his personal demons and his bipolar disorder and his sadness and his anger & that he won't be out to hurt people anymore because he's free of all of that. And that I had called him far worse things than she called him and that the reason that he was always fighting with us was because he loved us and had no idea how to deal with that. (all of which is true, albeit abridged).

I hope they are both going to be ok.
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