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My father...

He's a cheat, a liar and a coward. That about sums him up. He's kicked me out of his life and made it clear that my little half brother and sister are a little god and goddess that can do no wrong. I don't blame them, but I AM jealous and I DO hurt over it. He hasn't returned a call or letter or postcard in like two years and the visits stopped and everything. He was abusive to my older sister physically, and abusive to my older sis, bro and me emotionally for years. Really a jerk. I'm trying to make myself realize he's not worth it and just go on, but he's my father and it makes me want to cry sometimes.

I know it's not my fault. So...How come I feel like there's something wrong with me? That I must be pretty awful if he loves and cares for his youngest two kids, but wants nothing to do with me?
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